Monday, April 4, 2011

New kicks and kickin butt.

Well, let's start with the new kicks. I bought new shoes (again) in the hopes that she might ACTUALLY keep them on. My child hates things on her feet. I don't know how she hasn't inherited my love of shoe gene, but she hates them. Hopefully these she can't Houdini out of. She kept her AFO/SMO and sneaks on thru PT and Horse Tx today.... which brings me to kickin butt...

We have to be at the barn at 3. It was about quarter to 2 and I was packing up her stuff to get her going (it takes me like 30-35 min to get there) and the phone rings. It's the Center for Disability. Melissa. The secretary. "I just wanted to let you know that Charlotte can't go to Hippotherapy today because the treatment plan Liz wrote hasn't been signed off on by our dr". I was like, so... why is that our fault. She started explaining there was nothing they could do, the dr was gone, it should be ready next week. I was like, that's fine, except she will miss next week because she is in Detroit, and has missed the last 2 sessions because she was hospitalized and sick. She will not be missing today. So she is hemming and hawing and telling me there is nothing she can do. I said fax it to the dr. "It's a computerized system" I said "Ok, email it". she said "well...I don't think we can do that. I'm just calling to tell you, that is what I'm in charge of." So I said "ok then, let me talk to who is in charge of you" so she gets all pissy and finally gets (of all people) a Charlotte on the phone. Who is very sweet. Unlike Melissa. I explain the situation and how I'm NOT a happy camper, and I realize it's not there fault the dr didn't sign off on it, but isn't there a dr in the building that can sign it? Every missed session is a missed opportunity for us to get her on her feet. So at first she was like there is nothing I can do, I promise it will be ready next I give her the we were just in the hospital and she needs this therapy and she'll miss a whole week of therapies next week sob story and she said, "let me call you back in 5 minutes". Meanwhile I have the CPSE Chairperson calling, who has now called 3 times..lord knows what she wants, I just didn't have the time or patience to deal with her today. So Charlotte calls back and didn't sound too enthused...and she TOTALLY psyched me out..she said "I got it signed!!" I was like OMG YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I don't think she knew what to do with herself because I was paying her so many compliments. So off to hippo we went. Liz was like "how are you guys here?" and I told her what happened and she went "THANK YOU!!" because she was not happy that they screwed up and should've had that paper work the fact that I fought for our session today made her very happy. And she did very well. Good trunk control until the end when she got tired, said "go" a few times to make Babe go, lots of "hi's" to the therapists, and lots of talking.

So, all in all it's been a pretty miserable day, but at least I won one for Team Gill.

My little equestrian has tired herself out and is asleep already. I'm not far behind her.

Til the next one... love and prayers and good thoughts to you all.

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