Thursday, February 17, 2011

March Madness indeed!!!!

In like a lion, out like a lion. March brings about our busy season, if you will. Almost all of our out of town appointments begin (again) in March. It's much easier to travel at the end of winter obviously. So far we have local opth, audiology eval, and Maryland feeding eval. April is Detroit (yay!)

It seems like we have something at least every week starting the beginning of March. And, I've decided she should have a tricycle. She has figured out how to spin the weeble elevator with her foot. If she can do that she should get the trike down no problem. (she is, after all, a very smart cookie).

So my new super mom trick will be to make that happen. Somehow I don't think it is going to be as easy (and by easy I don't mean easy) as the Kimba and the bath chair. But, if we know one thing it's I like to fight. And fight I shall.

First, I bed. This past week I thought Melatonin would bail me out of non slumber land...but no such luck. It's worked ... to a degree, except that now she is just falling asleep earlier and waking up earlier to be up all night. Not quite what I had in mind. We got back to almost schedule tonight with naps so I'm hoping that she will fall asleep at daddy's at a good time and sleep thru the night. Hoping even MORE that when she comes home she'll do that. It's one thing to be in the ER or the hospital and stay up all night, but when you are home in your jammies somehow it just becomes that much more difficult, and suddenly every minute seems like an eternity. Thankfully I'm fully stocked on K Cups right now.

And everyone wonders why I've been going to bed like an old person. Cuz my night owl likes to par-tay. At college hours. zzzzzzz...

Night all. xoxo

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