Monday, September 20, 2010

End of summer slack off


Not that I have ever been good about blogging before. Because I am horrible at it. I've been slacking off. A lot. It was after all the dog days of summer. And post op anatomical left hemispherectomy for those who missed it. And VP shunt placement June 8th.

It was a long ride. It was a traumatic, scary, at times heart stopping, wonderful, amazing, awesome ride. Hard to put all that together with the words "brain surgery". But I really look back on Detroit as the start of a new era. It was an amazing experience, even with all the scary crap. I will expound on all of this at a later date. For some reason I just felt like blogging. And the cheese is still sleeping. So I can.

We are coming up on 4 months post op as of this coming Sunday. 4 amazing, glorious, incredible months. Every single day since surgery has been something new. We hit the 3 month post op mark and she took off...just like Dr. C said she would. We have weight bearing, she is almost sitting independently, her attention is better, she has all sorts of new sounds, she can roll over from her back to her belly, roll weak side over strong (which we could NEVER do before). Everyday is a miracle. A miracle made possible by the gifted physicians at CHM. Not a day goes by where I don't think of them and how much I owe them. I am currently awaiting an email back from Dr. C. We saw Dr. M last week for her first discharged EEG, and according to Dr. M it showed abnormalities consistent with post op changes, no S, no discharges. WOOT. Not that I will not say the S word. I don't even like to think of it.. But it creeps in to my brain when I least expect it. The other day a toy that she used to play with all the time went off and I think I became frozen in time for a minute. As soon as I heard it memories came flooding back...things that I have been able to keep locked up since the night of May 25th. I shook it off, threw out the toy, and moved on. That's how I roll now. Move on. Always something better around the corner. Tomorrow is a new day. Miracles can and do happen. If it isn't brain surgery..I don't need to stress it. And I am working really hard to do just that. Don't stress. Enjoy all this wonderful time watching my baby explore her new world around her. With that famous crooked smile. The best thing in my life.

I heart crooked smiles.

Off I go to check for a reply from the rockstar.


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Jacob's Mommy said...

Amazing. I heart miracles.