Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm not sure what Garth Brooks was talking about....

Not that I haven't always had wonderful friends, and know that they have always had my back. But these last few weeks, these last few days in particular...I couldn't be more blessed than to know all of the wonderful people I know in life. From my lab moms, to the teachers at Slingerlands, my primary care dr, his nurse and office staff, friends I have known almost all of my life, to friends I have met who have become family to me since I started this journey called mommyhood. I don't say it enough...I don't write it enough...but you are ALL truly amazing. Each of you in your own way has touched my life, my childs life, or my family in a way that is truly wonderful. Some of you pop in from time to time to say hi, and check up on us. Some of you I talk to daily (or try to...I'm such a slacker lately) and listen while I vent and whine about the latest chaotic thing to go on in life. This is going to sound corny (but it's how my brain works) If I had to think of you all...I picture it like this in my's either one of two's the community outpouring saying "move that bus" as Ty shows a family their new life... or it's the Verizon dude with the network behind him. Because I as hit the thruway and head out of NY that is how I feel...that is the strength and the power I feel behind me. I have never had this kind of outpouring of support before. Frankly a lot of times it's so overwhelming to me I don't know how to handle it. But it's the unity, the strength, the kindness and caring keeping me up right now, making me able to walk my path toward Detroit. So if I mutter "nurse, move those bandages" they'll probably think I'm insane..but so be it. Because this is the start of a new chapter, a new life for Charli... and all of you are a part of it.

So I don't know what Garth was talking about..friends in low places...because from the way I see it.. you were all sent from above.

I hope you ALL know how much I love you.

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