Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 coming to a close.....

Sorry I've been off the Grid today guys.  Been in ICU most of the dealing with stuff, now on the floor so I can use my cell in her room.  Drainage issue is getting better, CSF is looking less bloody... Still having some vomit issues, but Zofran has been ordered already.  She just got Morphine a little while ago so she is resting comfortably.  Spiked a temp of 102 but it's back down on it's own to 100.5.

  I'm taking first overnight shift in case the docs need history etc, then I think we are going to alternate between the four of us.  So currently things are stable, still watching EVD drainage and temp, as well as for seizures.  Hard to tell with all the startling going on.  Dr C and Dr A stopped in as we were moving up to 6, plan is to keep Dilantin in house, reintroduce vigab when she starts taking PO anything ( ng has been mentioned if need be) then she will be on vigab and trileptal, with the plan to wean vigab over the next several months based off of EEG's.  I love my neuros, they are the super duo.

  I had the most traumatic experience yet earlier when i first saw her throw up, she reached up with her left hand and grabbed her bandages and let out the most horrific scream of pain.  I thought I was going to pass out.  I have never heard her scream like that. I immediately burst into tears.    I keep begging them to give her a suppository because I'm afraid if she tries to poop her ICP is going to be off the charts!!!  I've told everyone so far.  Her ICP is a big worry for me... Everytime she coughs ( or vomits) I freak.  She is sleeping well with occasional little sleepy moan noises.  

It's been a pretty long exhausting day.... More so than yesterday I think ( or yesterday is just catching up). Between the drainage scare, CT, and constipation issue I'm pretty pooped (ha. No pun). Ruth, one of Dr Chuganis nurses came down to go over some research paperwork with me and said " has anyone told you how good she looks?". We were like no.  She said " she looks really good. Granted, tomorrow we may have more swelling, but she looks great for immediately post op". Yay!!  My girl kicks surgical ass.  

So we have our own room which is nice, but we are on the 6th floor instead of 5th... And it's fairly noisy up here.  We were told to just let her do her own thing, don't try and wake her up or over stim her as the brain is still traumatized and learning to adjust.  So noisy floor doesn't thrill me too much but I've loved her nurses down here so far, and the pedi resident.  I called to report home to our pedi but missed his call at the end of his day because we were just about to leave ICU.  So he left me his cell in case I need him tonight.  And Dr C said he was going to pop in tomorrow morning and leave his cell because he is going away and " it's a long weekend" and if we need him he wants us to have his cell.  Have I mentioned I think I have the greatest drs in the world.  Dr Asano was a neurosurgeon in Japan, now he does more research here (he is a PhD and a freakin genius) he works very closely with Dr Chugani and is conducting a few studies right now.

I finally ventured out in the tunnell tonight and went to Wendys.  I wasn't that impressed.  And so much for not stress eating.  The executive chef at the Marriott where we are staying whipped up some chocolate mousse - y hazlenutty yumminess just for us because our room service angel Kamal and his manager Michele love the baby and have been ao incredibly kind to us.  They are incredible at the Ren Center Marriott.. I highly reccomend if coming to Detroit staying there.. It's well worth the money!!  So I think I blew my ww points for the month with thAt chocolate confection but it was worth it.

I'm dragging ass right now.  I don't want to go to bed cuz it's so early, but I'm really beat and really bored.  I can't get the tv to work at all so it's stuck on ESPN.  Ugh.  And I can't turn it off.  Oh well.  If that's all I have to complain about then it's a good night.

So I'll say adios for now.  I promise I'll fb update more tomorrow since we are no longer in ICU. Since froggie joined her in her new roo
she has picked him up and was whipping him around like she loves to do. So that is a very promising sign!!!



happy's mommy said...

Oh sweetie. I should have warned you. The hospital time is ALL stressful. Surgery day is hardest...because you're still carrying all those emotions that Led you to that day PLUS you have to wait 10 hours just to know if you'll see her chest rising and falling again. After S Day...brings the exhaustion from the emotional buildup leading up to that moment with no time for recooping. It's straight into the hell that is knowing your child is in excruciating pain. And it's next to impossible to hold her. And everything else that comes with the After Math. It's all extraordinarily impossible to live through. I don't know how we made it. But we did. You will. It will get better. Just not right away.

Love you, hon.


Erin said...

Praying for you and your family, may god bless you.


Alicia said...

I hated the 6th floor. We love Chris on the 5th floor. :)