Thursday, December 18, 2008

Somewhat of a mess, part 2.

It's been too long since I've been able to blog. Blogging is cathartic for me. I need time to do it more often. I'm not sure what my deal is today. Nothing in particular has me upset today, just random general things. The baby has been teething (or we think is teething) this week. I brought her in to the ped Monday because she was cranky over the weekend, and pulling on her ear again Sunday. I thought maybe her ear infection was back. (the cranky could be we were staying at my in laws so her usual routines were interrupted a bit due to the massive ice storm we had. I know I was cranky) He said she had fluid in her ear but they were not infected at this point. He looked at her teeth and said he thinks the two are coming in, they aren't through yet, but are making their way. Needless to say we had one night of blood curdling screams, and on and off crankiness and general not happy monkey this week. She hasn't wanted to play, she wanted NO PART of PT today (which is another aggravation I had..not on her part, on my therapist..I'll get to that). I feel horrible that I can't help her with her pain. And I'm stressing because I can't seem to find anything for her teething that she can really hold on to. Everything is too bulky, or too big, or would require two hands to hold. So she just mostly chews on her fist. I think I'm stressed because I know the difficulty she is having trying to chew on things with just her one hand, and I don't know what to do about it. I try and hold the things for her, or encourage her right hand by placing it on the object, but most of the time she gets mad at me. I hope they come in soon. I hate seeing her in pain. Top that off with she has been constipated (not that you needed to know that lol) so she is in double pain. Poor thing.

So, PT today. Or lack there of. The therapist calls at 1:56p to say she is running late, has to see one more person, and will be there around 2:45 (our session is at 2) I was rather annoyed that she waited until 4 minutes before our session to call. But whatever. She said "I hope it will be ok" I said "we'll see, the baby was up late last night and hasn't napped today, so she is pretty tired and not too happy" She goes, well maybe she'll sleep now and be awake when I get there. I was like " she doesn't seem like she wants to go down at this moment". So, Jaime gets here, the baby is already on her way to angry, and Jaime starts playing with the baby and trying to do some stuff with her and Charli freaks out. She went into a full meltdown, complete with sobs and those cries where the mouth is open, but nothing comes out. Much like I had the other night when her teeth (I'm assuming teeth) were bothering her. So she puts her down on the ground and takes her socks off to continue to do therapy. My child is practically choking at this point she is crying so hard (in the meantime I kept holding my hands out for her to give her to me) so I snatch her up and I'm like "ok, thats it" It took me a bit to get her to settle down, and after she did she fell asleep in a matter of minutes. She was out cold poor thing. Of course she only napped for 40 minutes, I'm thinking she would go down for a few hours. I don't know, our last session I was kind of aggravated as well because I thought she was unusually rough with the way she was handling her, but I treat her like she is porcelain most of the time, so I figured I'm just being PMS'y and overly critical. So Jaime says her right arm seemed tight again today, and was saying that when she moves the baby side to side or front to back, the baby should be moving her head the opposite direction and she isn't doing that. So of course I got all freaked out and am nervous now. We've always had good reports from our therapy sessions, and now I'm anxious again. But, the other day the baby sat unassisted (except for her baby boppy) for I'm not sure how long (not long mind you, but it was a big accomplishment anyway!) . We tried again today but didn't get too far because she got mad.
The other thing is she needs to get out of her bouncer. I want to get her an excersaucer or jumperoo ( I haven't figured out what would be better for her yet) so she can get out of the bouncy seat. She will only tolerate floor time for so long, and even less time in the bumbo. Jaime wants me to turn her in the seat to encourage her looking to the right more, but then I'm on her other side so she is looking more to the left to see me. It seems like no matter what way I turn her bouncy there are more cons than pros. The way she is now she can see whats going on, the tree, the cats and dog, me, Larry, the TV (very important for when Pinky Dinky Doo or hockey is on lol). So I'm concerned about her not looking to the right as much again now. She was doing pretty well with that for a while. I think getting an exersaucer (or something similar) will encourage more midline and hopefully equal time looking to the sides.
I am just overthinking and stressing everything today. Top that off with I've been following a heartbreaking story from the BBC boards and I'm just sort of an emotional mess. I've been praying for Kayleigh, and asking everying to do the same. This little girl has been through so much, and is such a little fighter. I hope they get a Christmas miracle.

It makes me realize just how lucky I am to be home with my angel.. she's here with me, and I love her more than anything in this world.


Ellen said...

Hi. Wow, what a day you had. Teething is so hard on everyone... I hope you all get a good night's sleep tonight! Sorry about overly persistent PT, too. And if the she says her arm is tight for one session, well, sometimes with our kids their arms get tight. And maybe next session, it won't be. I've learned not to get too worried from session to session, I just try to keep my eye on how Max is doing overall.

Try to put musical toys somewhere to the right of her highchair when she sits on it—like on a nearby stepstool. We did that with Max.

Did PT have an opinion on exersaucer vs. jumperoo?

I am going to go read Kayleigh's story...

Amanda said...

Hi Karen.

I hope things have gotten better for you guys!

I'm sorry that your PT session wasn't as great as it should be. If at any point you are uncomfortable with your PT, you should say something.

Teething is never fun...motrin was the only thing that worked for Leah. It allowed her to sleep a bit!

Also, I have a question? Do you guys see an OT? Is your PT doing OT work also? I find it interesting that your OT works with Charli's arm too. Maybe that's how it works elsewhere, but for us, our PT doesn't really do much with Leah's arm. We didn't even see a PT until Leah was a bit more mobile. Maybe something for you to look into.

Also, definitly check with your PT about the excersaucer or jumperoo. We bought one of Leah and our PT didn't want us to use it. I know PTs often have different opinions about it.

Stay strong,I know one bad day can linger for awhile! Oh and I always hate having OT/PT when I'm pms-y it's the worst, because I get so emotional about everything!!

If you need to talk, email me!