Monday, December 1, 2008

Our first sick trip to the ped ;o(

I can't believe my baby is 5 months old today!!!
So the past few days Charli has been very fussy and irritable. (which is so NOT her, she generally is the happiest baby ever!) so I knew something was up. Then today I noticed her pulling on her left ear. So I moved our ped appointment from Friday to today. He looked in her left ear, and said "'s fine" looked in the right and went "oh my..that is infected!" I felt so bad. And the poor thing had to tug on her left ear because she can't get to her right ear. My poor baby. She is so uncomfortable. So we started Amoxicillin and ear drops tonight. Hopefully she will feel better soon. I hate knowing she is sick and in pain. It's killing me. She's been such a snuggle bug today tho. That was nice! She now weighs 16 lbs 10 oz (2 pounds since last months appointment) and her head grew what he said was a centimeter and a half. I have to go and look at her records because I think last time the nurse measured incorrectly and Dr. B checked it and got a slightly smaller number..which would mean she went up 2 and half cm's I think. I can't remember tho..I really need to find that piece of paper.
Speaking of paper. I have almost everything I need to send her records to CHOP. I spoke with them today and if I can get to St. Petes to get her NICU discharge summary I can send everything this week. That is my goal! I still need to do a check list and make sure I have everything ready to go.
On a different note...the monkey was really using her right hand alot today. ( at least she was when I was holding her. She tries SO hard to get her right hand in her mouth when she has a toy in the left. She really wants to get them together.) PT last week was basically watching her to see what she can do and what she needs to work on, and teaching me some ways to stretch her muscles out, and help loosen them up a bit. Apparently it's worked because I swear since Wednesday she has been moving the right hand to her mouth more. (It could be I'm seeing what I want to see...but I'm going with she is a quick study) I can't wait for our PT this week. I just hope she feels better by then because otherwise she isn't going to want to play so much. Our therapist is very nice. I was a bit nervous about how Charli would respond to her, but she walked over to her and smiled at her, and Charli gave her a big smile back. I guess she likes her too! Ok, I guess I'm going to watch my DVR'd General Hospital and go to bed. Everyone else is already I'm listening to easy listening with the xmas lights on and enjoying the quiet. I'll write are some pics from today

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Erin said...

What an amazing story I see you are a follower of our team blog I also have my own blog if you have not seen it. It is

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Are they saying she had the stroke before birth, during, or after?

My son suffered a stroke in utero and if you check out my blog it shows more details. Sean was also 7 weeks early!