Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Am I nuts?

So the monkey woke up late this morning for her bottle. She also took a while before falling back to sleep (our usual routine is up around 630a-730a, bottle, change diaper, then back to sleep for anywhere between 40 minutes and 2 hours or so) So far she has been asleep for going on 3 hours!!!! And instead of enjoying my quiet time, I'm pacing between the computer and the bedroom wanting her to wake up! I miss her, and I want to snuggle. Completely selfish, I know. I tried to sleep but just couldn't for some reason, so instead of doing what I should be doing (mopping floors etc) I'm blogging. It's a lazy rainy day, I'm only on my first cup of coffee, and I really just want her to wake up!
So on a different note, we start PT tomorrow at 10a. *hopefully based on todays schedule already she won't sleep through it!* As excited as I am about this, I now find myself getting anxious. Anytime there is a professional involved, it opens the door for them to tell me more things that I don't see. I hate that feeling. But in my rational mind I know this is going to be so good for her, and we are going to accomplish great things with our therapist. I have spoken to her on the phone a few times, and she seems very nice. She has 2 kids, and a very hectic schedule. Our day is actually supposed to be Thursday..but given it's turkey day we'll do tomorrow instead. I just hope the morning time will work for her tomorrow. We are scheduling in the afternoon because it's her most active time (and obviously like today, morning appointments will be a crap shoot if she decides to slumber a bit longer) Other than that nothing really going on right now. We have an appointment with the regular ped next week(is it next week already??) Dec 5th. to check her head circumference. I was concerned because the dev ped wrote in his dictated letter that her head circum. had "dropped percentiles". Turns out this is totally inaccurate. I mentioned it to my ped at her 4 month check up and he checked her twice, and she had gone up 2 cm, and was perfectly normal and steadily growing according to him. (I think she was in the same percentile group per him...I can't really remember, but she hadn't gone down at all!) Reason number a billion why I want to seek a second opinion from dr's who actually have a clue! I have to run around and pick up different documents (the final ones) to send in my packet of records to Childrens today. (if my mom ever gets here...I don't want to bring the baby out because it is raining and supposed to turn to snow...but I haven't heard from her yet.)
I know I'll kick myself for saying this later when I want to check my email, but YAY. She's awake. Gotta run!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Major accomplishment!

Yesterday Charli was on her monkey mat on her side, and she rolled over on to her belly again (she's done this a few times before). She got her right hand stuck under her body as she has done in the past. THIS TIME tho she worked SO HARD, she scrunched her knees up and put her butt in the air, lifted her head and was looking around for a solution, and kind of tipped to the left a bit and pulled her hand out!!!!!!!!!! This was HUGE for her. She hadn't been able to figure out how to get that arm out before, and I didn't touch her at all! I was SO PROUD OF HER! What a big day for us!!

The mighty monkey rocks!

I'll try and update later...someone is up from a nap now!